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best family tent

The best balance of cost and size for a modern day family

Camping with a family is no small endeavor. As enjoyable is it can be, it can also bring stress to even the most experienced campers. But having a solid tent can greatly aid in the effort. When looking for the best camping tent for family camping, several things should be taken into effect. Namely cost, quality, and ease of use For the modern day family, budget is an important issue.


Spending too much money on a low quality tent can make for a less enjoyable, or at least a considerably shorter, outdoor excursion. So it is crucial that a family find a tent that fits their budget. But just how spending too much for a tent can ruin a vacation, so can spending too little.

No family wants to spend the night in a leaky, drafty, poorly-made tent. Making sure a tent is made of quality materials by good labor is equally important to finding a budget suitable tent. Most importantly a family oriented tent needs to be easy to set up and friendly to the user. Most families on a camping trip are not looking to spend hours figuring out how set up a complex tent. Most families also prefer extra space inside their tents, so they won't have cram inside an uncomfortably small space. In the Eureka Copper Canyon 6 all of these qualities can be found.


With an average cost of $260 this tent is well within the budget of most family groups. But with the budget friendly price, quality is not lost. With walls made of 75 denier polyester, windows made of mosquito resistant mesh and thick shock-corded fiberglass poles, this tent is built strong enough to withstand most any family outing. The build style of this tent also makes it easy to set up or take down quickly and easily.


With it's cabin like design this tent requires only six poles, two for the roof and four in the walls. Space is where this tent shines for family camping. With 100 square feet of floor space and a seven foot ceiling, any family of four can sleep comfortably and up to six can fit inside. The designers at Eureka also incorporated six gear hanging loops, two large pockets, and a central loft. On the front left of the tent a zippered port has been added so an extension cord could be routed into the tent, if desired. Also included is a fitted rain fly to keep the tent from becoming a boggy marsh during any rainstorms that may occur on a family trip. With its combined quality and space the Eureka Copper Canyon 6 is one of the best offerings for any family looking to go on an outdoor adventure.